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Telegram App

Here, we’ll talk about ways to talk over the Internet, like voice calls, text messages, and video calls that require active Internet communication. There are a lot of communication apps in official stores. Still, only a few have been able to reach the top level and meet the users’ never-ending needs. Telegram is a very popular messaging app that focuses on speed and safety. This post is about the Telegram: Pro Features Unlocked Mod from ACMarket.

Telegram App Specifications

App NameTelegram
Updated onSep 1, 2023
File Size47 MB
LicenseFree/Open Source
DeveloperTelegram FZ-LLC

Telegram Apk

Telegram is the most popular application for Android mobile users. You can download Telegram Apk app for Android mobiles and tabs from Google Playstore or Telegram official website. However you can get premium features free Telegram Mod Apk version from AC Market Appstore.

Telegram Apk Download Free

Follow below links to download Telegram Apk App for your Android mobile for free.

Download from AC Market

You can download Telegram Mod Apk version for Android mobiles and Tabs from AC Market Appstore. Download AC Market appstore latest version, get the latest mod apk apps and games for free.

Download from Google Play store

Telegram Apk version download for Android mobiles and tabs from Google Play store for free.

Install from Telegram Official Website

Download Telegram for Android mobiles and tabs from official website.

AC Market Telegram App Features

  • No Ads (Except credits)
  • Premium app icons
  • 10 pinned chats
  • 10 favorite stickers
  • 20 folders
  • 200 chats per folder
  • Advanced chat management

Telegram Desktop

Telegram for PC advances modern communication. It makes Telegram’s mobile app more convenient, productive, and accessible. Telegram for PC is a versatile solution that integrates mobile and desktop messaging for a secure and seamless user experience for professionals, students, and others. Telegram pioneers global connectivity in creative and meaningful ways as technology advances. You can download Telegram for your Windows and Mac PC. Follow here to get it latest version for your desktop.

Telegram Download Windows PC

Download Telegram desktop version for Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 version running desktop, Laptops and Tabs for free. Create your account , create Telegram pages, Groups, add friends and enjoy your free time.

Download Telegram for Windows 64 bit

Get Telegram app for Windows 10 and 11 64 bit version for your desktop and Laptop PC.

Telegram Download Mac PC

Download Telegram app Mac latest version for free your iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air devices.

Telegram Web Version

Telegram web is the most popular online ,fast , secure version for users. You can use Telegram online version on any browsers or devices. follow here steps to connect your device correctly and how to use Telegram web version without error.

How to use Telegram Online version?
  1. Open Telegram App on your mobile device.
  2. Go to App Settings > Devices > Link Desktop Devices.
  3. Run Telegram web version on any device browser using this link –
  4. Scan QR code using your mobile telegram App.
  5. It will automatically connect with your mobile telegram app.
  6. Now you can use telegram online version on your connected device safely.

Telegram Premium

Telegram Premium is a paid service that you can choose to use. It gives you access to more exclusive features and helps the app keep getting better. It’s a way for the app to make money that won’t go away, and it’s driven by our users, not by ads or shareholders. It can stay independent and put its users first this way. Pay $28.99 to get Telegram Premium Annual Subscription. Follow below link to get The App Premium version.

Telegram Premium version – Link 👈

Telegram App Main Features

Your Sanctuary for Uncompromising Privacy in a Data-Driven World

Telegram targets people worried about third parties collecting their personal info. Telegram offers hope to individuals seeking a secure messaging platform and sanctuary in a world where information is continuously under attack. Whatsapp and Viber, two major messaging apps with diverse audiences, compete with the App. Telegram suits feature-heavy app users over minimalist ones.

Pure Instant Magic: The Telegram Messaging Experience

Imagine a messaging app that’s so swift it feels like a bolt of lightning striking your conversations – that’s Telegram for you! It’s not just instant messaging; it’s pure instant magic. Whether you’re chatting on your phone, tablet, or computer, your messages are seamlessly synced across all your devices. With over 800 million active users worldwide, It has become one of the top 10 most downloaded apps globally.

Racing Ahead as the Usain Bolt of Messaging Apps

What sets it apart? Speed! Telegram is the Usain Bolt of messaging apps, thanks to its unique distributed network of data centers. So, whether you’re sending a quick “Hello” to your friend next door or sharing photos with a pal on the other side, Telegram’s got you covered – fast, secure, and simple!

Freedom Across Devices

Synced like never before! With Telegram, your messages are at your fingertips across all your devices – phones, tablets, and computers. No more frantic searches for that conversation you had on your phone but need on your laptop. And here’s the game-changer: Telegram apps are like independent superheroes, so you’re not tied to your phone. Start typing on your tablet during breakfast and wrap up the message from your computer at work. It’s messaging freedom; you’ll never lose your data in the digital abyss again.

Limitless Messaging Power with No Storage Worries

Unlimited power at your fingertips! When we say unlimited, we mean it. Send media and files of all kinds without any restrictions on their type or size. Whether it’s a cute kitten video, your latest vacation photos, or that massive presentation for your boss, Telegram’s got your back. The best part? Your chat history won’t hog a single byte of your device’s precious storage. It’s all securely stored in the Telegram cloud, ready to revisit whenever you need it for as long as you want. No more storage woes, just limitless messaging possibilities!

Where Security Meets Seamless Simplicity

Security meets simplicity – that’s the promise of Telegram. The developers have taken it upon themselves to craft an experience where top-notch security doesn’t mean compromising user-friendliness. Everything within It, whether your chats, group conversations or your media, is wrapped in layers of encryption that would make even the tech-savvy nod in approval. We’re talking 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and the mighty Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange. Your data is a fortress, and Telegram is the digital knight defending it.

The Open-Source Revolution

But here’s the kicker – Telegram believes in making these robust security measures accessible to everyone. This app is not just secure; it’s 100% free and open. Developers, tech enthusiasts, and curious minds, listen up – It has a fully documented API just waiting for your creative spark. It is an open-source app, and verifiable builds ensure that what you download is exactly what it claims to be, thanks to the same source code developers publish. Trust is priceless in the world of apps, and Telegram is serving it on a silver platter.

Group Chats, Mega File Transfers, and Bots for Seamless Cooperation

Discover communication power with Telegram! Imagine instantly creating 200,000-person group chats. Want to send a big movie or documents? Telegram may send any file up to 2 GB, including DOCX, MP3, and more. It is perfect for smooth interaction and hosting online communities since you can design bots to automate certain tasks.

Your Reliable, Fun, and Efficient Communication Companion

Telegram is more than just powerful. It’s a reliable companion that sends messages with minimal data. It keeps in touch even with a weak cell connection. Not to mention enjoyable! The App makes your chats more entertaining with advanced picture and video editing, tons of animated stickers and emoticons, and customizable themes. An open sticker/GIF platform makes Telegram more than a messenger by meeting your expressive needs.

Telegram’s Dedication to Your Data’s Defense

With Telegram, simplicity and elegance collide. We’re dedicated to maintaining an interface so clear and user-friendly that you’ll think you’ve been using it for ages despite its astounding variety of capabilities. You already understand how easy it is, so yes.

Let’s now discuss privacy. At Telegram, we take it seriously—in fact, we’re borderline fanatics about it. Rest confident that we are the guards of your castle, your data. A third party will never violate that confidence. Any communication you’ve sent or received may be deleted, leaving no backup. And what’s this? Telegram won’t abuse your data to slam you with advertisements. To us, maintaining your privacy is inalienable.

Messages that Vanish like Digital Ninjas

But if you truly value privacy, we offer something extra special for you: Secret Chats. These communications disappear from both devices, like digital ninjas. You can communicate digitally erasable material—messages, pictures, movies, even files—without leaving a trace. Secret Chats use end-to-end encryption to ensure that only the intended receiver can decode your communication. It provides the ultimate privacy haven for your most private talks.


What is the Telegram app mainly used for?

Telegram is a secure messaging service that does not require a phone number. The app is highly privacy-focused and serves concerned users.

Is Telegram free to use?

Yes, the app is 100% free. Beyond that, Telegram is open-source, which allows reproducible builds.

Who uses Telegram the most?

As a country, India has the highest number of Telegram users. Russia and Indonesia follow this number.

how to delete telegram account?

  • On Android, open Telegram and tap Settings.
  • Choose the ‘Privacy and Security’ tab.
  • Scroll down to the ‘If Away for’ section to delete the account instantly.
  • Choose the amount of time after which your account will no longer work. You can choose between 1, 3, 6, and 12 months. It picks 6 months by default.
  • After following the steps above, if you don’t use Telegram for the amount of time you choose, your account will be deleted for good.

Who owns Telegram?

Pavel and Nikolai Durov, the company’s creators, own Telegram. In 2013, while still based in Russia, the two brothers founded Telegram. Telegram’s current CEO, Pavel Durov, also created the Russian social network VKontakte (commonly known as VK).

Is Telegram more safe than WhatsApp?

Although WhatsApp enjoys the highest number of users, Telegram is more secure than WhatsApp. It is feature-rich in the security domain with 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and the mighty Diffie–Hellman secure key. Apart from that, it has cool features like secret chat.

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